Automotive Services

AC Service
Express Performance Check & Top Off
Complete - includes up to 2 lbs. R134A
Brake Pad Service (front or rear)
Includes ceramic pads, new hardware, new rotors, brake fluid, and instalation.
(2 year 24,000 warranty)
Most Cars
Most Light Truck & SUV
Performance and HD Applications Extra Charge
Brake Flush Service
Lucas Dot 3 or Dot 4 Brake Fluid
Coolant Flush
Machine Flush
Includes 12 qts of universal antifreeze collant (Additional charge for extra qts.)
Differential Service
Lucas HD Gear Oil (2 qts. Included)
Lucas Synthetic Gear Oil (2 qts. Included)
Fuel Filter Replacement Service
(parts & labor - fuel tank filters excluded)
Most Gas & Flex Fuel Vehicles
Diesel Filyters (Additional charge applies)
Performance and HD Applications Extra Charge
Fuel Injection Service
2-part Induction Process
  • Cleans injectors, valves, combustion chamber, O2 sensors.
  • Improves Performance & Fuel Economy.
Gas Direct Injection Service (GDI)
3-part Cleaning Process
Crankcase, Induction, & Fuel System
  • Decarbonize build-up on valves, pistons, combustion chamber, and emission system.
  • Improves Performance, Economy, & Engine Life
(Oil change required after service)

Light Bulb Replacement
Turn, Stop, & Reverse Lights (Most ea)
OEM Style Headlight (Most ea)
Nitrogen Fill
Tire Pressure Top Off
Nitrogen Exchange
Remove air, replace with Nitrogen Gas, and set pressure, 4 tires included
  • Maintains proper tire pressure Hot or Cold weather
  • Saves fuel and extends tire life.
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Most Cars, Trucks, & SUVs (each)
$69 - $79.00
Parts & Labort included
Tire Rotation
(per DOT speifications)
Passenger Car, Light Trucks, & SUVs
  • Includes brake inspection
Transfer Case Service
Drain & Refill (2 qts. Included
Manual Transmission Drain & Fill
  • 3 Qts Lucas Transmission Fluid included
Automatic Transmission Flush
Machine Flush, Grans, Converter, and Cooler.
  • 10 Qts Lucas multi-vehicle ATF included
  • Additional charge for extra qts.
Automatic Transmission Pan Drop
Filter, Gasket, and Fluid Replacement
  • 5 Qts Lucas multi-vehicle ATF included
  • Additional charge for extra qts.
CVT Transmission Service
  • Drain and replace with new fluid
  • 5 Qts. Lucas CVT fluid included
Wiper Blades Installed
Most Cars, Trucks, & SUVs
Standard Grade (pair)
Premium Aero (pair)

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